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AMIEN: Supporting the Artist Community: A new valuable resource

At Golden Artist Colors we have always prided ourselves for the level of information and discourse we have made available to professional artists. We continue to look for ways to be an even more meaningful resource to the arts community. We are delighted to share with you that we have become a founding sponsor of the newly formed and fully independent Art Materials Information and Education Network (AMIEN), operated under the auspices of The Intermuseum Conservation Association and Co-Directed by Albert Albano and Mark Gottsegen.

We hope that our seed sponsorship will assist AMIEN in obtaining other sponsorships from the entire artist material trade that supply tools for the fine arts community. We are also hopeful that artists themselves will support this effort to assure the impartiality and the continued outreach of this new organization.

AMIEN will provide an independent voice to reduce the din of bad information and bad practice that proliferate in this modern era. GOLDEN’s support of AMIEN will in no way lessen our commitment to our own research. We will continue to work within our own Lab and with other researchers around the world, for ways to continue to develop and improve our understanding of modern synthetic coatings, especially acrylics. It is hoped that our collaborative research will continue to be a valuable resource for AMIEN and other groups committed to the investigation of modern materials. We truly love the process of invention and discovery here and believe our support for AMIEN will only increase the value and support we can offer the arts community.

To support AMIEN’s work, please visit the Web site at www.amien.org and join the other voices that believe that we will all benefit from an independent and professional organization providing the most up to date and unbiased information about the tools of fine art. Please note that AMIEN has a Donations page: Supporting AMIEN not only supports the professional artist, but all levels of fine artists and collectors who care about the performance, durability and proper care of their work.

Mark Golden

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