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10 Fluid Interference Colors
Interference colors, previously only available in heavy body consistency, are now available in a fluid viscosity. Four unique pigments and six popular interference colors from the heavy body line further enhance the extensive color selection of this fine art product category. These versatile colors mix easily with GOLDEN fluids, heavy body, gels, and mediums, allowing for new color mixing and creative special effects. You will want to see our new Fluid Interference Colors for yourself. Call or e-mail us for your free hand painted color chart today.

The colors are:
Interference Blue (Fine)
Interference Gold (Fine)
Interference Green (Fine),
Interference Orange (Fine)
Interference Oxide Green (Blue Shade)
Interference Oxide Green (Yellow Shade)
Interference Oxide Red
Interference Oxide Violet
Interference Red (Fine)
Interference Violet (Fine)

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